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"I Promise I'm going to take care of this bike ! ! ! "

Well that's where lubes & cleaners come in. . .


Pedro's Wrench Force Syn Lube
Includes the following features :

• Blended with a detergent polymer additive package that eats dirt particles,
• Synlube results in friction-free lubrication in the worst conditions.
• Corrosion resistors protect the chain for long life.
• Repeated applications create a barrier coating on your chain that will not wash off even through the harshest wet-weather riding.

Synlube is also useful in lubing pedals and cables for foul-condition riding, by keeping water and corrosion out and friction low, has a positive polar attraction to metal, which means that it's best to apply when the chain is clean and dry for best performance. It is non-toxic and packaged in recycled and recyclable bottles.

Pedro's Wrench Force Ice Wax
Includes the following features :

Ice Wax is a two-layer lubricant formulated to keep your chain clean, well-lubricated and quiet on even the longest rides. The patented technology of Pedro's Ice Wax creates a pliable, super-slick, soft wax barrier to protect its underlying silicone and ptfe lubricant layer. Then, water-based cleaners penetrate every nook and cranny of the chain, lift dirt to the surface while the slick wax releases the dirt from the chain.

This cleansing process is far superior to competitor's waxes, which rely on hazardous, even flammable, solvents to clean the chain. Most bicycle waxes simply cover the chain in wax and rely on "flaking" to stay clean. When this flaking occurs, the chain is left bare and reapplication
is a must. Result: your "apparently" clean chain has no lubricant left to

Pedro's Ice Wax provides exceptional lubricity and excellent corrosion protection. Just as important, Ice Wax has great endurance on the chain and is highly resistant to water washout. Ice Wax stays with the chain while keeping it clean in varying weather and riding

Pedro's Wrench Force Extra Dry Lube
Includes the following features :

Since it works on all kinds of bikes in all kinds of conditions, it's no
wonder that Extra Dry is Pedro's most popular product. A naturally derived
formula with a 98% natural base carrier, it provides excellent all-purpose

Extra Dry blends a package of agents for polar lubricity, depositing a
tenacious lubrication and corrosion-resisting film evenly over a chain's
entire surface.

After application the extra dry teflon solution sets up into a waxy
non-toxic finish which repels dirt. The remainder completely evaporates,
leaving a dry lubricant film. With your chain nice and dry, it won't pick up
airborne dust and dirt. Extra dry surpasses standard falex tests. Extra Dry
is easily cleaned or removed with Pedro's BioDegreaser and Pedro's Oranj Peelz.

Park Sprocket Cleaner Brush
Includes the following features :

One side is a tough nylon brush, the other a serrated nylon cleaning tool, designed for unclogging the space between large sprockets, where dirt and debris usually are packed solid.

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