Bicycle Trainers

Ride your bike anytime, any place
with an indoor cycle trainer

Minoura bicycle trainers provide you with a real
road riding feel. Allows you to use the inside of your house
to train when you don't have enough time to train or ride your
bicycle outside or under bad weather conditions.

Magnetic resistance system is quieter and smoother than any
other resistance device like fluid resistance systems supplied
from CycleOps, Elite and other companies. Oil of fluid systems
may leak easily during use and can deter your training schedule
due the unreliability of each units.

Minoura's magnetic system may also be used outside because
it doesn't need any electric power source like electric motor
resistance systems supplied from companies such as Compu
Trainer and Tacx. So you can use our trainer for warming-up at
races, or anywhere else you need to train.

Minoura M60 D Trainer (Tire Driven)
(with Remote Control to adjust 3 Levels of Resistance)

Mag 850 Trainer
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  • Tire Driven Unit - Driven Unit - 800 Gram Flywheel
  • Tire Driven trainer - Touches the tire to offer resistance
  • New quieter ECMS magnetic resistance
  • 3 levels of magnetic resistance to choose from
  • Fit to any bikes with 24" to 27" and 700C wheel
  • Dual hub adjusters make installation & removal a very easy process
  • Foldable for easy transport and storage
  • Special noise and vibration proof rubber foot cap
  • No Assembly required
  • Requires a smooth tire for efficient & comfortable riding
  • M60-D is the special model in the new M-series with milder resistance power for the beginners, women or aged people.
  • If you are doing a more serious workout or higher resistance range is required, we recommend the Minoura Gyro V100 Trainer listed below.
  • 5 Year Warranty

Minoura Gyro V100 Trainer
(with Remote Control to adjust 7 Levels of Resistance)

Mag 850 Trainer
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  • Tire Driven Unit - Neodymium magnet Resistance
  • New super strong and stable H Frame to minimise flex when putting in big efforts
  • Quick release hub handle for speedy fitting and removal of your bike
  • Minoura's brand new smooth and quiet Gyro technology
  • Powerful Neodymium magnet for a good workout
  • New remote shifter with 7 levels of resistance adjustment
  • 1.1kg virtual flywheel for the optimum road like feel
  • V100 generates 360 watts
  • Foldable for easy transport and storage
  • First model of trainer we recommend for road bikes, with the larger flywheel, offers a smoother & more resistance
  • Includes Steel Q.R. Skewer (Non-Remote)
  • No Assembly required
  • Requires a smooth tire for efficient & comfortable riding
  • 5 Year Warranty - Made in Japan

Minoura RDA 80 Rim Trainer
With Remote

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  • Rim Driven Unit - 850 Gram Flywheel
  • The ONLY solution for knobby tires, does not require you to change the rear tire.
  • Ideal for users who split their training time between indoors and outdoors, or use a trainer for pre-race warm ups
  • Quieter than wind-fun and fluid trainers.
  • No excessive wear of your tires
  • Does not damage the wheels of your bike
  • Anti-vibration feet reduce noise
  • 7 levels of resistance to choose from via DIAL CONTROL
  • Fit to any bikes with 24" to 27" and 700C wheel.
  • Heavy-duty oversize frame offers incredible stability & support while exercising
  • EMS Ferrite magnets offer improved resistance range (low to high)
  • Machined Non-Slip rollers (require at least 8mm vertical sidewall height on the side of your rim)
  • Includes Steel Q.R. Skewer (Non-Remote)
  • Foldable for easy transport and storage
  • Made in Japan

Kinetic Fluid Trainer
One of the best Fluid trainers made on the market!!

  • Tire Driven Unit
  • It’s the trainer you've been waiting for. Get on. Don’t look back.
  • 6.25 lb flywheel for realistic coast down
  • Powertap calibrated resistance unit
  • Sealed fluid chamber with magnetically coupled driveshaft
  • Thermodynamically neutral silicone resistance fluid
  • Consistent resistance at multiple temperatures
  • 80 cooling fins to dissipate heat
  • Lowest operating temperature of any fluid trainer
  • Smooth, quiet resistance from 5-3000 watts
  • Approved for tandem use
  • Guaranteed not to leak
  • 2 1/8" roller reduces tire wear
  • Lifetime warranty on frame and 5yr. warranty on resistance unit
  • Compatible with all bikes with 26" - 29" diameter wheels

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