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Key Technologies

The new reinforced Main Pillar design combined with "Separate Concept" legs, greatly enhance stability, while also saving valuable storage space.

Minoura patented technology uses a Rim Driven magnetic unit, allowing the use of any style of tires. Is ideal for users who split their training between indoors and outdoors and don't want to change the tires each time. Also ideal for pre-race warm up.

One of the principle causes of noise caused by trainers is the resonance cause by vibration being transmitted to the floor. Minoura's new Anti-Vibration foot design helps minimize this vibration.

Many of today's bicycles are equipped with either Alloy capped or Plastic capped quick releases skewers, which can be easily damaged when used on Trainers. Minoura provides a Chromed Steel Quick Release lever as a stock item with each trainer.

Minoura patented Liberty ECMS (Eddy Current Magnetic System) uses a fixed magnetic ring and a floating adjustable magnetic ring that are individually magnetized using Minoura patented process of magnetizing predetermined "Portions" of the same magnet with a magnetic charge, delivering a smooth and accurately calculated resistance.

ECMS is superior to other magnetic systems that simply use "off the shelf" generic magnets that are cast into a plastic body.

With the 'Minoura Rim' trainers you do not have to change the rear tire to a 'slick tire' to use on the trainer. The Rim trainers also work with 26'. 27", 28" and 700C wheels.

Why buy a Cycle Trainer ?
Cyclists usually have two choices once the cold winter weather sets in and outdoor riding is impossible or uncomfortable. First option join a health club and start to train on life cycles or take spinning classes. Now, some of us will go and exercise at the club on a regularly basis, but for the rest of us it's less likely.

Your other option is to consider a Cycle trainer which are designed to support the rear wheel of your bike and apply resistance to the tire or rim. This achieves the similar effect of riding your bicycle outdoors and also allows you to change the gears of the bike to offer large range of riding

To Recap:
Cheaper than a health club membership
Will be more comfortable with your own bicycle
Can watch TV, listen to music or read a book
Ride anytime your schedule suits you
More likely to use, compared to a traditional exercise bike
Sets up in minutes - breaks down just as quick
Keep fit all year long

MAG TRAINERS - (Driven by the tire)
Minoura M 60D Trainer w/remote
º Minoura Gyro V100 - Trainer w/remote

RIM TRAINERS - (Driven by the Rim)
Minoura RDA 80 w/ remote

º Kinetic Fluid Trainer

Minoura Rim Drive RDA MA80 Trainer
(with Remote for the resistance levels)
  • Rim Driven Unit - 850 Gram Flywheel
  • The ONLY solution for knobby tires, does not require you to change the rear tire.
  • Ideal for users who split their training time between indoors and outdoors, or use a trainer for pre-race warm ups
  • Quieter than wind-fun and fluid trainers.
  • No excessive wear of your tires
  • Does not damage the wheels of your bike
  • Anti-vibration feet reduce noise
  • 7 levels of resistance to choose from via DIAL CONTROL
  • Fit to any bikes with 24" to 27" and 700C wheel.
  • Machined Non-Slip rollers (require at least 8mm vertical sidewall height on the side of your rim)
  • Includes Steel Q.R. Skewer (Non-Remote)
  • Foldable for easy transport and storage
  • Made in Japan - 5 Year Warranty

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