The first step in selecting the right bike for you
is to determine where you would like to ride.

Will you be riding mostly on-road or off-road?

Do you want to travel at a leisurely pace or do you want to race?
Are you riding to lose a few pounds, for recreation or commuting?
Are bikes will get you from point ‘A’ to ‘B’, but some are just better suited for certain tasks.

The five general types of bikes are: Mountain, Hybrid, Comfort, Road and Folding.

Also know as all Terrain Bikes

Mountain bikes are designed for off-road use (but that won’t stop you from using them on the road) They generally feature wider tires, sturdy frames, straight handlebars and an upright riding position.

They provide a stable platform for all extreme types of riding with its wider tires and knobby threads. These bikes offer a range of gear ratios from 21 to 27 speeds allowing you to pedal up anything.

Most mountain bikes feature front suspension for additional safety and comfort.

Many trail riders are moving to full suspension (Shocks on the front and Rear of the bike) Starting as low as $1200 (For a quality one - that is) these bikes allow you better traction for climbing as well as more comfort and control on all terrain. A good all around full suspension bike that has won awards is the Trek Fuel Series.

We usually recommend that you spend $400 plus to get a good quality mountain bike.

Also sometimes called City Bikes

The Term Hybrid refers to the cross between mountain bike and a road bike. They are also referred to as "City" bikes and are ideally suited to most leisure riders and commuters. Most models feature front suspension and suspension seatpost with wide comfortable seats and up right handlebars.

The Hybrids offer a 700C wheel (28" diameter - Similar to the road bike - but with wider tires) The tires are perfect to road, path and hard packed dirt trails.

A new additional to the Hybrid segment are the "Fitness Hybrid's" (Trek 7300 Fx, or 7500FX) To reduce the weight and gain a faster ride - lose the front suspension and have a lower handlebar to better control.

A good quality hybrid starts at $450 plus.


Pavement/Dirt, Gravel Road, & Casual Riders will love this style of bike. These are modified mountain bikes designed to be tamer for the less aggressive rider who values comfort. They have wide, smooth treaded, smooth rolling tires, high handlebars, an upright riding position and a wide, comfort seat and suspension seatpost.

Advantages: Smooth, soft, stable ride and easy to add Mirrors and rear pannier racks.

Also available in men's and ladies frame designs

The comfort bikes from Trek (Nav 300 w/front suspension) and Fisher (Nappa ) will get you down the road with ease.

This style of bike is making a major come back

Road bikes are making a big come back, but the first thing that might surprise you is the price. Road bikes tend to be more expensive than mountain bikes due to materials used for the frame and the STI Shifters and components. Typically, road bikes begin around $799 with Shimano Sora, a good all around 24 speed drive train. Bikes with better components and often carbon fiber front forks and rear stays for smooth riding tend to run $1600 plus.

The riding position on a road bike requires the rider to be leaned over the handlebar much more than any other style of bike. But this benefits the rider with less wind resistance and efficiency for those long km's on the road.

There is also a category called "Comfort Road' -This is the go-to bike for cyclists who may prefer riding to racing, but demand the same high performance the pros do. We started by reconfiguring the frame geometry - shortening the top tube and lengthening the wheelbase to place you in a less aggressive position for flying effortlessly down the road. Then we put the frame on slightly wider road tires and added comfort-enhancing components - including a fully adjustable stem, gel handlebar tape, an anatomically designed saddle, and a suspension seatpost. Welcome to the ultimate road trip

Take your bike with you anywhere

A folding cycle is designed to be easier to store and transport than a normal full size cycle - from highly practical to highly adventurous.

Whether you're riding the bike, or carrying it along to your next destination, mobility and convenience are key - On a train, private plane, boat or street, folding bikes to go everywhere you do.
A tandem — a bicycle built for 2 — is also a good solution for couples or family outings.
When budgeting for your bike, be sure to include the cost of some accessories
items into your calculations. You'll want to get a helmet, gloves, saddle pack, hydration system, tire pump and tube repair kit at minimum.