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TREK Full Suspension

Trek Top Fuel 9.9
Trek Top Fuel 9.8
Trek Top Fuel 8
Trek Top Fuel 7

TREK Full Suspension - EX

Trek Fuel EX 9
Trek Fuel EX 8
Trek Fuel EX 7
Trek Fuel EX 6.5
Trek Fuel EX 5.5

Folding Bikes

Avenir Steel
Avenir Alloy

Comfort Bikes

Trek Nav- 3.0
Trek Nav- 2.0


Fisher Utopia
Trek 7500
Trek 7300
Trek 7200
Trek 7100

Hybrids Fx (No Suspen)

Trek 7.9 FX
Trek 7.7 FX
Trek 7.6 FX
Trek 7.5 FX
Trek 7.3 FX
Trek 7.2 FX
Trek 7.5 FX WSD
Trek 7.2 FX WSD


Trek T900 Mountain
Trek T1000 Road
Trek T1200 Road


Adult Tricycle

TREK Mountain

Trek 8500
Trek 8000
Trek 6700
Trek 6500
Trek 6000
Trek 4500
Trek 4500 WSD
Trek 4300 Disc
Trek 4300 & 4300 WSD
Trek 3900
Trek 3700
Trek 820

Gary Fisher Mountain

Gary Fisher Hoo Koo E Koo
Gary Fisher Tassajara Disc
Gary Fisher Tassajara
Gary Fisher Piranha
Gary Fisher Marlin
Gary Fisher Marlin GS
Gary Fisher Wahoo
Gary Fisher Advance
Gary Fisher Tarpon


Haro F3
Haro F2
Diamond Back Joker
Diamond Back Venom




20" Wheel Unicycle

Tricycle - Children's

Italia Tricycle (Italy)
Trek Tricycle

Misc Kids Stuff

Adams Trail A Bike
Chariot Rear Trailers

Trek Road

Trek Madone 6.5 & 6.9
Trek Madone 5.5
Trek Madone 5.2
Trek Madone 5.1
Trek Madone 4.7
Trek Madone 4.5
Trek 2.3
Trek 2.1
Trek 1.5
Trek 1.2 & 1.2 WSD

Kids Bikes - 12"

Louis Garneau F-12 Boys
Louis Garneau F-12 Girls
Diamond Back RM 12"
Trek Jet 12" Boys
Trek Mystic 12" Girls

Kids Bikes - 16"

Louis Garneau F 16 Boys/Girls
Trek Jet 16" Boys
Trek Mystic 16" Girls

Kids Bikes - 20"

Louis Garneau Eva Girls
Louis Garneau F-20 Boys
Diamond Back RM 20
Diamond Back Impression 20
Trek Jet 20" - Boys
Trek Mystic 20" - Girls
Louis Garneau F 20 SX
Trek Mt Lion 60 - 20" Boys
Trek Mt Lion 60 - 20" Girls

Youth Kids Bikes 24"

Louis Garneau Kick
Louis Garneau Orbit
Diamond Back Octane
Louis Garneau Stella
Trek Mtn Track 200 Boys
Trek Mtn Track 200 Girls
GT Agressor Girls
Trek Mtn Track 220 Boys
Trek Mtn Track 220 Girls

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We can special order models we don't stock (from the brands we deal in)
It's impossible to stock all the models, all the time, come in & see us.

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