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Trans Canada Trail
The Trans Canada Trail will be a shared-use recreation Trail that will wind
its way through every province and territory. It will be the longest trail of
its kind in the world, spanning approximately 16,000 kilometres.
Toronto Bicycle Map - City of Toronto Site
City of Toronto provides some cycling routes within Toronto.
Take a look at these PDF's.
Trek Travel - Bike & Holiday at the same time
Trek Travel is one of the best in the industry. Ride and see the world at the same time. Don't work about lugging your bike with yoy, they'll provide you with a current model Trek bicycle.
Take a few minutes and take a look at what they offer
Take the Train - Bring Your Bike!
The Toronto-Niagara Bike Train™ is a new sustainable tourism and transportation initiative introduced bike racks onboard select VIA Rail Canada departures between Toronto and Niagara Falls.
Register your bicycle on line with the Toronto Police
TPS Bicycle Registration Form online. We strongly suggest you take some time and register your bicycle online with the Toronto Police Service Bike Registry Database.
This is one of your only chances to insure if your bicycle is stolen, the police have a chance of recovery. Every bicycle has a serial number stamped onto the frame.

Thefts, racks, lockers and abandoned bikes
To Protect your bicycle from theft

1. Buy the best lock that you can afford.
2. Lock it whenever you park it.
3. Avoid dark, hidden, or isolated parking spots.
4. Use two locks to secure the frame and both wheels to a solid object.
5. Remove and lock the front wheel along with the frame and back wheel.
6. Remove bags, lights, or any quick-release parts.
7. Consider replacing quick-release fasteners with regular bolts.
8. Register your bicycle with Toronto Police Services.
9. Report a stolen bike to the Toronto Police at 416-808-2222.
10. Don't buy stolen bikes - that makes you part of the problem.
Trails around Ontario
Here is a list of trails around Ontario we have collected from clients emailing in to us. Try them out and have some true fun and see what a mountain bike was truly made for!
How to buy a bike
The first step in selecting the right bike for you is to determine where you would like to ride. Here are some tips to make you process easy.
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